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Culture Use Case  (Kola creator) - Dan analysis

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Company Size:            6000 employees
Company Location:     Excelon Corporation Edinburgh, TX
Job:                             Project Manager
Age:                            39
Goals:                         Ability to use Collaborative and Project management Software that has multilingual user interface that appeals to different culture.
Bob Baker is the Project Manager of Excelon a Multi-national Corporation with offices
in 34 countries of the world. Bob is based in the United state and oversees the
management of Oracle HRMS e-business suite global implementation - comprising of
HR/Payroll, Self-Service and Time Capture System in United States, China, Israel and
South Africa.
As a result of the global nature of the project, Bob is expressing problem
with diverse culture and languages of the local project team leads in the different
countries. For instance, the project team leads and the Subject Matters Expert (SMEs)
in the different countries prefers that Bob collaborate with them using their language
specific user interface. Some of these people do not understand or speak English very
well. In addition, Bob is having problem with the countries meeting culture, for instance,
the Israel group would prefer to have response to their questions immediately in order to
keep up with the project milestones and deadlines and prevent budget over-run.
In most of the meetings, especially with China and Israel Bob always requires
the help of an interpreter in another location and may not be able to respond to questions
immediately. Response to questions may take average of three to four days. For instance,
Israel has a time zone difference of 10 hours ahead of United States. Bob’s inability to
to collaborate with his interpreter real time contributes to the time lag. The company
cannot afford to hire an interpreter at Bob’s location because of budget constraints.
The team members have complained to the stakeholders and Bob has been instructed to
implement a web based collaborative and project management software that has
multilingual user interface and at the same time allow participant to securely log-on to the
software from the various location and be able to exchange and download files real time.
The Software that should enable Bob to respond more to questions during virtual meetings and eradicate language barriers with some of the locations on the project because, Bob’s interpreter would be able to receive meeting invites and logon to participate in meetings with China and Israel from his location in Tampa in Florida.
Must Haves:
  • Web based software
  • Multilingual user interface
  • E-mail functionality
  • Files download and Exchange functionality
  • Ability to encrypt files
  • Multilingual Dashboards
  • Charts and discussion forum
  • Read-only option for files
  • Ability to select specific users that can view the files
Nice to Haves:
  • Charts and discussion forum
  • Teleconferencing capability
  • Bookmarks
  • Document Repository


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