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Cost Use Case

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O’Hara’s Ozark Telecommunications
Company Size: 100 Employees
Company Location: Harrison, Arkansas
Job: CEO
Age: 32
Goals: Find a low-cost application to project manage deployment plans.
Jason O’Hara is the CEO of O’Hara’s Ozark Telecommunications, a telecommunications firm located in the Ozark mountain region of Arkansas. He has been “awarded” a no-bid contract for deploying a telecommunications solution - to include television, phone, and internet connectivity - to all of the trailer parks in the Ozark mountain region. The project is a long term project, and he will need to be able to include people within his company, as well as an indeterminate number of employees from a local construction firm, who will be assisting with the deployment.
Due to severe budget constraints, Jason needs a low cost method of developing and controlling a project plan. This plan should allow the project manager to be able to schedule the project in phases throughout each portion of deployment. In addition, his employees need to know what tasks are due when, as well as how long they have to complete each task. Due to the low cost requirement, integration with MS Office is essential. In addition, a method of reporting issues needs to be integrated with the functionality so that any problems with the project may be addressed quickly. Jason would also like to be able to use this program going forward with other projects, so scalability is also a concern. Other concerns include having a discussion forum to allow employees to troubleshoot issues, conferencing tools to have meetings across this mountainous region in real time, and the ability to project delegate to allow Jason to have some of his supervisors manage portions of the deployment, and see if all resources are being effectively used.

Must Have
1. Calendaring/Scheduling
2. Gannt Charts
3. Project Statuses/Milestones
4. Planned Duration and Actual Time Spent
5. Integration w/ MS Office
6.  Electronic Communication Tools – Email
7. Low Cost for a variable number of users
Nice To Have
1. Discussion Forum
2. Resource Allocation
3. Electronic conferencing Tools
4. Project Delegation
5. Electronic Communication Tools – SMS
6. Reporting
7. Issue Tracking


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