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Software List


Name URL Price Comments Requirements Sites
Media Wiki



MediaWiki is free server-based software which is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). This is the original wiki engine that Wikipedia uses to engineer its pages. PHP5, MySql, Hosting server/machine, UNIX/Windows Wikipedia.org
Flex Wiki http://www.flexwiki.com FlexWiki is a open source .Net technology, licensed under IBM's Common Public License A simple OO Language that allows users to add information dynamically to topics. SQL Server, .NET, ASP.NET, Windows Server or IIS Enabled Machine channel9.msdn.com






Actual Sharepoint Services are free, but it requires Windows Server license and the Windows Server client access licenses. It is a WYSIWYG editor, and uses the MediaWiki HTML markup.    Can be integrated with a user's existing Mirosoft setup. Windows Server, and Windows Server Client Licenses http://www.wssdemo.com/Wiki/default.aspx
MoinMoin http://moinmo.in/ Free Software that is licensed under GPL This wiki has a hierarchical page structure, live AJAX preivew, multiple wiki syntax, and extensive permissions Web Server, and Perl http://dev.catalystframework.org/wiki/
GroveSite http://www.grovesite.com/ Ranges from $99 a month - $199 month. Or based on users. This a full service wiki engine and solution for companies who are not looking to create/maintain their own software or data. This site is hosted by Grovesite None, client sites are not listed


Office Groove




free 60 day trial, $229 per license and each user must be licensed can integrate with MS Sharepoint, Messenger, and InfoPath (requires licenses for these programs), allows offline access, installed on individual computers, automatic synchronization, can control access to workspaces, Windows Operating System XP SP2 or newer, at least 1GB memory, CD-ROM or DVD drive, 1024x768 monitor resolution, Internet Explorer 6 or later unknown
Google Docs http://docs.google.com free can create and upload documents, has templates, access from a browser, can export docs, can control access, can organize docs, JavaScript and cookies need to be enabled in the browser, need to use Safari 3 or 4, Chrome, Internet Explorer 6, 7, or 8, or Firefox 2 or 3 GoodnessDirect, Silicon Oyster Technologies
Zoho Writer http://writer.zoho.com free control access to documents, can upload and export documents, works offline, can post to blogs, has a template library Internet Explorer 5.5 or newer, Firefox 1.5 or newer, or Safari unknown
AbiCollab http://www.abisource.com free can control access to documents, has good document formatting capabilities Windows 95 or newer, Mac osX, supports linux, bsd, and solaris unknown
Basecamp http://basecaphq.com 30-day trial.  Has different plans depending on storage requirements. 24 - 149 per month. Also has a free one project account w/no filesharing  Dashboard setup allows views based on permissions.  Allows project manager to track prjects via calendars, milestones, to-dos.  Facilitates collaboration file sharing, chat, message boards and whiteboard hosted many high profile users.  Trek, Kelloggs, Obama website, UsaToday
Microsoft Office Project Server



60-day trial.  Enterprise not disclosed . uses Sharepoint services which allows webaccess in addition to MS project tool.  Offers integration with MS tools [excel, word, outlook etc] and other project management tools (OpenMind, Intellisys, KickStart).  Somewhat of a learning curve to implement. Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack (SP) 2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1, or later operating system.1.  700 megahertz (MHz) processor or higher.  512 megabyte (MB) of RAM or higher. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP1 or later running Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services is required for certain advanced collaboration functionality. Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 SP2 or later required to use the Import Outlook Tasks feature. Visual Reports require Microsoft Office Excel 2003 SP2 or later and Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2007. not disclosed
Assembla http://www.assembla.com from $249/mo [enterprise] to 3/user/mo [small projects] offers wiki, file sharing, message board, chat, drag and drop images, mockups, screenshots that can be annotated, client permissions, branding, time tracking, team/individual management, user-friendly hosted The Code Foundry, Simple splash, jojet, creative .cz
Aras Corp http://www.aras.com free download; services include consulting, training and subscriptions open source .Net framework.  Dashboard access, security [permissions], resource mgmt, scheduling, risk alerts, offers simultaneous online access for global teams. .Net framework, MS IE browser, Windows platform [Vista, SP2, XP SP3].  PC requirements [pentium IV 1Ghz, 80 mg, 512MB memory, 1024x768 resolution /16 -bit color.] ACCO Brands, Xerox, Motorola, MEGA Brands, the US Army Watervliet Arsenal, WVA, Rolls-Royce are some of the customers
Alfresco http://www.alfresco.com/ Free Open source competitor to Sharepoint. Allows for users to create websites and document management systems High-Performance server, Internet Access  



LogicalDoc.com Free Open source DMS that allows for checking in, out and tagging documents. Very scalable, Revision Control    
Docpoint docpoint.biz $150 A proprietary software that allows interfacing with MS office suite that allows for revision control, checking out of documents and is for mid-size companies Server, Internet access  


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