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Collaborative ideation, brainstorming, and mind mapping

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Group Project: Ideation, Brainstorming, & Mind Mapping


Presentation Slides:







Collaboration Handouts:



Presentation Demo Links

Link to MindMeister: http://www.mindmeister.com

Link to Bubbl: http://bubbl.us/




Working together using this wiki


Think of this wiki as a shared online whiteboard. Your entire group can share information using this wiki, making your research accessible to everyone. Play around with this wiki: Notice how you can add comments to a page, see what people have changed, and edit all the text.


Group members:  The Collaborators






  1. Select Groupware Tool
  2. Submit software
  3. Task 3
  4. Task 4


Task Name Due Date  Owner
 Determine Groupware tool used to coordinate project  04/25/08 Team
Submit types of software we want to consider to evaluate 04/25/08 Team




When should we meet?

Who When I can meet
Cassandra Anytime after 5 when arranged
Janie  Anytime except during class (W & Th evenings)

Anytime except during class (mornings MWF,

evenings M & Th)


 Anytime except mornings(M-F), No Thursdays,

after 5pm (Mon,Tues, Wed, Fri)


Anytime, but Mon., Tue., & Thu.

have evening classes



Defines Team Member Roles



Role Responsiblity Team Member
Team Lead Assigns roles, monitors progress and coordinates meetings.....makes sure everything is going as it should Cassandra
Documenter Takes notes and determines which information is useful.....Adds notes to meeting place used  Samaa
Deliverable Checker Checks all deliverables for accuracy and content Michael
Team Member Actively participates in all activities and provides feed back  Janie
Team Member Actively participates in all activities and provides feed back  Reggie






Deliverables Due Date Definition Current Status
Deliverable 1 April 20, 2008 Meet (online), pick a team name, assign initial roles. I suggest Skype as a meeting platform, but
Skype is not a requirement.
Deliverable 2 April 27, 2008 Let me know which groupware tool your team has decided to use to coordinate your project. I do not
mean by this your presentation environment; rather, I mean your internal coordination tool. Let me know as well at this point,
your first pass list of software you are going to evaluate. I can provide you feedback as to whether you are on track, missing
a key product, or way off base with some of the products.
Deliverable 3 May 4, 2008 Present to me the platform you will be using to make your online presentation of material (with final
URL) and your preliminary architecture for that site.
Deliverable 4 Tentative Your final online site and your oral presentation. If there are support materials for the oral presentation,
they should be available on your site. Due dates will vary by team. Teams are permitted to continue modifying and updating
their site after oral presentation is made.
Deliverable 5 Tentative I will request peer evaluations from each individual on the team that will be used toward final course grading.  
Deliverable 6 Tentative I anticipate you will incorporate insights from your teaming process into the reflection essay you write at
the end of the course.

Submitted Documents

Task that need to be submitted can be attached here.



Here is the link to a possible presentation tool...Zoho....



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