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CMS - Meeting 8

Page history last edited by Jarmila H. Alanez 11 years ago

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Agenda and Notes


  1. Review presentation material
    1. Verify who is doing what for the presentation.  We decided that Susan, Jarmila and Paul will do the presentation in June 1st. The presentation draft is already done and needs just some minor changes.
    2. Decide a dry run date/time to meet.  We decided to meet personally for the fist time at the Starbuck's cafe in DePaul Central (Down Town) on Saturday 30th for a dry run.
  2. Review Wiki
    1. Go through all the new Wiki information
      1. Definition
      2. History
      3. Features
      4. Components
    2. References

          After reviewing the Wikipedia information and all the new definitions Zack added, we agreed that it was ready to be uploaded to Wikipedia. 

Comments (1)

Jarmila H. Alanez said

at 11:59 pm on Jun 8, 2009

Susan, Paul, and I had our meeting on Saturday 30th for the Dry run we planned. It was nice to finally meet the people that we where working with for so long. The Dry run was ok. Although I was so nervous ! Everything went well. Thanks Team again for keeping up the hard work.

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