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Team Members:

Tony Feldhaus (In-class)

Email: feldhaus@flash.net

Skype: tonyfeldhaus

Team Role: Project Manager


Ruth Hong (In-class)

Email: h_ruth@hotmail.com

Skype: ruth.hong82

Team Role: PBWiki Editor


Zoaib Mirza (DL)

Email: ZMIRZA@depaul.edu

Skype: zoaib.mirza

Team Role: PBWiki Contributor


Ahmad Noordin (DL)

Email: ahmadnoordin@gmail.com

Skype: ahmad.noordin

Team Role: Meetings Coordinator


Collaborative Learning Products: Investigation


Initial teaming tools

Skype - text

FreeConferenceCall - audio

DimDim - text/audio, file repository, meeting scheduler

Vyew - virtual meeting, text, audio, video, presentation/desktop sharing

Zoho - document file sharing

Team Tool Reflection


Industry Insight

Our team had the opportunity to gather insight from a diverse group of individuals who work in the industry or participate in the collaborative learning space. Our communications included email, face-to-face and phone. Below is a list of those individuals:


Killan Aubert - Business Development Manager, Momindum North America.


Cynthia Calongne - Colorado Technical University.


Kay Gerken - Professor at College of DuPage.


Maarten Overdijk - Researcher from the Centre for Learning at Utrecht University in the Netherlands.


Gerry Stahl - Associate Professor at Drexel University with focus in computer supported collaborative learning and is the founding executive editor of the International Journal of CSCL.


Scott Whitlock - Enterprise Account Manager at Cisco Webex.


Meeting Minutes 


Tenth Meeting - 11/13/2008

Ninth Meeting - 11/9/2008

Eighth Meeting - 11/6/2008

Seventh Meeting - 11/2/2008 

Sixth Meeting - 10/29/2008

Fifth Meeting - 10/26/2008

Fourth Meeting - 10/23/2008

Third Meeting - 10/19/2008

Second Meeting - 10/16/2008

Initial Meeting - 10/10/2008


Next Team Deliverable

Monday, 11/17/2008


  • Zoaib will draft some definitions for LMS, VP, CSCL and learning objects and post under the industry inventory. Team to add and edit definitions.
  • Ruth may update some of the links in the Wikipedia article, so it refers and links to other Wikipedia created pages.
  • We should be all set after that!


Past Team Deliverables


Sunday, 11/9/2008


  • Everyone on team will look at the use cases and and evaluate the products that we chose against those use cases. We will list this as "Recommendations" under the Use Cases.
  • Everyone to look at Ahmad's draft of the Wikipedia article and add to it.
  • Ruth will draft the Evolution of Collaborative Learning page by combining her short notes into a cohesive document.
  • Tony will add his notes to the Evolution of Collaborative Learning page
  • Need to move the first couple of sentences from the drill down page of the selected products to the Evaluated Products page.
  • Zoaib will fix the font face under Second Life.
  • Ahmad will work on drafting a blurb regarding our process/strategy for our virtual meetings for the Presentation.
  • We will touch base again on Sunday make sure all is fine w/ the PBWiki and to go through our presentation strategy one more time.
  • Aim to post our Virtual Collaborative Learning article on Wikipedia on Sunday.


Thursday, 11/6/2008


  • Zoaib will gather remaining responses from his contact who is a current user of Second Life and complete Second Life matrix along with the drill down pages for Second Life and Wimba
  • Ahmad will get a draft of the "Virtual Collaborative Learning" article for Wikipedia posted on PBWiki first.
  • Tony will work on the draft of the "Evolution of Collaborative Learning" document.
  • Tony will be meeting w/ Momindum representative again on Tuesday at 7pm. Ruth and Ahmad to join in on call.
  • Ruth will put short notes from article sources into the draft pages for the Wikipedia article, Evolution of CL and also the Guidance to Manager.
  • Ruth will distribute Adobe Connect pricing to all in group.
  • Industry Inventory complete.
  • Ahmad will schedule next meeting on 11/6 and also find scheduling times for Prof. Mittleman to join in.


Sunday, 11/2/2008


  • Zoaib will start a draft of guidance to manager document on PBWiki.  CL team members to edit the document on the PBWiki throughout the week. By Sunday, we all would have a collaborative draft done regarding the guidance to manager document.
  • Tony will draft the "evolution of collaborative learning" document.
  • Ruth will post relevant documents to appropriate PBWiki page as resources.
  • Ruth and Ahmad will work on completing the organization of the Industry Inventory.
  • Ahmad will set up next meeting via Vyew and invite the Professor.
  • Ahmad will draft a "Virtual Collaborative Learning" article for Wikipedia to be posted on the PBWiki first.


Sunday, 10/27/2008


Ahmad will see if there is another tool that we can have our next meeting in as we are having trouble with DimDim.

Ruth will update the Wiki so that the product comparisons are on the front page along with our explanation and mission statement regarding Collaborative Learning.

Tony Will work on a draft of Collaborative Learning explanation and mission statement and will post either via ZoHo docs or distribute by email.

Ahmad will send Prof. an email with sample use case to see if he has any suggestions.


Thursday, 10/23/2008 Actions Steps: Research products.


Product assignments:

Tony - CoFFEE, Momindum, Second Life

Ahmad - Cisco WebEX, AdobeConnect, Second Life

Zoaib - Wimba, AdobeConnect, Second Life

Ruth - CoFFEE, Momindum, Second Life


  • Ahmad will create a list of items that we should document as we are looking at these products like pricing model, architectural constraints etc. Everyone to post to the appropriate PBWiki page for the individual research of that product.
  • Use ZoHo Docs to share or upload documents about these products.
  • Think about contacting Sales Representatives and gain client references, for future interviews. What their experiences are with the products.
  • Ruth to create individual product pages and a main home page to link to those pages on PBWiki. Include RSS feed for product/industry related news. 


Sunday, 10/19/2008 - Post to the CLT_Goal_of_Collaborative_Learning within the next 2-3 days. We'll get the chance to throw the word "collaborative learning" around.


Actions Steps:

Tony- Contact Dr. Charles Findley to see if he will join in on a meeting or email/interview.

Ruth - Update Wiki and create Goals page. Post minutes.

Zoaib - Document all of his conference contacts in a document, for us to utilize as a point of reference. VendorsContactDetails.doc

Ahmad - Schedule DimDim meeting and send Ruth the minutes captured from DimDim. Contact Prof. Mittleman and see what the defunct Collaborative Learning tool is that he had mentioned.

All Members - Explore Second Life Grid as a future meeting tool.


Wednesday, 10/15/2008 - post your preference for the product category (LMS, virtual presentation, etc.) that you would like to explore during this process. Include some bullet points. This will help us narrow down and determine the next class deliverable. Click on CLT-Project_Category_Preference to post your preference.

Resolution: Chose to explore Collaborative Learning rather than just LMS or Virtual Presentation.


Next Class Deliverable

October 20. Post to PBWiki an initial list of products/vendors you are planning to examine.

Complete: See Collaborative Learning Products: Investigation 


Next Meeting

No future meetings scheduled at this time.


Past Meetings

Sunday, 11/9/2008 at 8pm. Ahmad will send via email meeting information. We may try to use Second Life for this meeting


Wednesday, 11/6/2008 at 8pm. Ahmad will send via email meeting information.


Sunday, 11/2/2008 at 8pm on Vyew.


Wednesday, 10/29/2008 on Vyew.


Sunday, 10/26/2008. 7:00pm CST Ahmad will see if there is another tool that we can conduct our meeting in since DimDim was causing issues.


Thursday, 10/23/2008, to check on team progress and research.

8:00 PM CST via DimDim for shared desktop/text and conference call for audio.

Meeting Room ID: ahmadnoordin

Conference Call Number: 712-432-0600

Participant Code: 113679#


Sunday, 10/19/2008, to review the CLT_Goal_of_Collaborative_Learning, regroup, focus.

7:00 PM CST via DimDim for shared desktop/text and conference call for audio.

Meeting Room ID: ahmadnoordin

Conference Call Number: 712-432-0600

Participant Code: 113679#


Thursday, 10/16/2008, to discuss team deliverable as mentioned above.

7:00 PM CST via DimDim for text/file repository and conference call for audio.

Meeting Room ID: ahmadnoordin

Conference Call Number: 712-432-0600

Participant Code: 113679#


Materials from the conference (zipped file)

Click here to download the zipped file


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