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What is collaborative learning and what is/are the goal(s)?


We want to throw around the idea of collaborative learning as this phrase is tossed around a lot. What do you think collaborative learning is? What would you want an all encompassing tool to do? Our goal with this process is to feed off of each others ideas. Feel free to elaborate on an idea and post a new one!



What is collaborative learning and what should it include? CLT Team Member
Sharing of knowledge for the purpose of brainstorming or problem-solving. Ruth
It is the ability to learn from each other by using tool(s) integrated with subject matter experts. Zoaib
The goal of collaborative learning work is the creation of a mutual knowledge structure which is derived from group consensus. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collaborative_learning-work Tony
CL takes place on computer supported applications Tony
Collaborative Learning can take place outside of a computer supported application, but a goal would be to develop a Collaborative Learning tool that can be supported by an application. It's not necessarily about transferring that mutual knowledge to a particular tool, but using a tool to gain create or gain that shared knowledge. Ruth
An application should have the ability for a group of people to communicate with each other both synchronously and asynchronously.


Collaborative Learning is the ability to share knowledge via multiple technology-enabled communication tools including chat, discussion , wiki and blog.  Ahmad
Collaborative Learning can be informal and formal learning delivered through technical means.  Ahmad
Collaborative Learning System should be an online tool that enables individuals to work as a group on a project.  Ahmad


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