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What is Collaborative Learning?


The concept “Collaborative Learning” (CL) is a structured approach that involves the exchange and cultivation of ideas, knowledge, meaning, solutions or the creation of artifacts derived from a team / organization working toward a common purpose.  Collaborative Learning can include many activities, albeit similar to project teams; however with the recent introductions of Computer Supported (CS) or Network Supported (NS) CL, many unique challenges are being raised as this field is unfulfilled by a quagmire of products and is still considered by some, “a research topic”.


The basic affordances of CL are to have the ability to synchronously and asynchronously communicate via an array of e-tools; I.e: group chats, wikis, and blogs, where application transparency is essential. The main barrier to CL is the difficulty in achieving agreement when diverse viewpoints, cultural boundaries, acuity of thoughts, or different working / thinking / learning styles, exist.


CL is an umbrella term for this academic space and many commercial tools within the Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Virtual Presentation Systems (VPS) space have attempted to bring about integration. The research team's overarching principles are to explore these Collaborative Learning products in order to provide a charter to create the functionally necessary to achieve mutual concurrence whether that be solely in academic space or in a work environment.



Industry Inventory 


Use Cases 


Evaluated Products


Guidance to Manager 


Evolution of Collaborative Learning 


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Collaborative Learning Team Information 


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