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Deliverable #4 - Available Tools


The Suitable Tool for each Case

  • Use Case One     -      Virtualization in the Cloud     :     Tool No.4 - Terremark’s vCloud Express
  • Use Case Two     -     Platform As A Service           :     Tool No.5 - App from Salesforce
  • Use Case Three   -     Security in the Cloud            :     Tool No.15 - McAfee Total Protection Service
  • Use Case Four     -     Business Tools in the Cloud   :     Tool No.19 - Blackrock


Available Tools List

No. Available Tools Company URL
1 VMware vCloud Express VMware, Inc. http://www.vmware.com/appliances/deploy/vcloud-express.html

Price Info Not free. Contact vendor

Features VMWare has recently announced the vCloud Express line of service providers. These providers give you an on-demand, pay-as-you-go server infrastructure, eliminating the need for large hardware and software capital costs. BlueLock, Hosting.com, and Terremark are the examples of service providers.
2 BlueLock BLUELOCK® Company http://www.bluelock.com

Price Info http://thumpdesign.net/bluelock/pricing/

Features Provides an on demand server environment; Windows and Linux both available
3 Hosting.com's vCloud Express Hosting.com http://www.base-10.com/

Price Info http://www.hosting.com/vcloudexpress/

Features Provides an on demand server environment; Windows and Linux both available; Pricing is similar to Bluelock
4 Terremark’s vCloud Express Terremark http://vcloudexpress.terremark.com/

Price Info http://vcloudexpress.terremark.com/pricing.aspx

Features Provides an on demand server environment; Windows and Linux both available; Pricing is better than the other two
5 App from Salesforce Salesforce.com, inc. https://www.salesforce.com/form/signup/freeforce-platform-sem.jsp?d=70130000000DvvD&DCMP=KNC-Google&gcid=3522852779&gclid=COSx6oqH2Z0CFYFC5god2kLtqA

Price Info 1. Build and run  first cloud computing application free
2. Deliver multiple cloud applications for enterprise $50/user/month
3. Unlimited cloud computing for your entire business $75/user/month

Features It eliminates the costs and complexity of buying, configuring, and managing the hardware and software needed to build and deploy applications. Instead, these applications are delivered as a service over the Internet (the “cloud”).
6 Enterprise platform software Ad Server Solutions http://www.adserversolutions.com/enterprise-level-software.html

Price Info 1. Ad Network Software: .Net Enterprise - $1999

Features Support for multiple business servers, multiple databases, server cluster, CDN, load balancing that can achieve extremely high levels of performance. Provides horizontal scalability (suitable for very high throughput applications).
7 Banner Exchange Software Program Ad Server Solutions http://www.adserversolutions.com/banner_exchange/

Price Info 1. Banner Exchange Software: .Net Enterprise - $1999

Features An exchange is a free and proven way to increase your web site's traffic.  By joining, you agree to show member ads on your web site and members agree to show your ads on theirs.  It's simple.   Depending on how you set up your exchange you can set different ratios.
8 Progress Software Progress Software Corporation http://web.progress.com/index.html

Price Info 1. Contact vendor for pricing details

Features Provides application infrastructure software and solutions for development, deployment, integration and management of mission-critical business applications. Progress Software acquired Xcalia, a data integration leader that iscombined with DataDirect Technologies and strengthens the company's support for standards-based data access.
9 Bluewolf's SprintPack program  Bluewolf, Inc. http://www.bluewolf.com/company/contact/thankyou/PAAS.html?_kk=platform%20as%20a%20service&_kt=8c77b3e2-874e-441d-a6c2-2829349b7859&gclid=CO6c966G2Z0CFYZM5QodaUKkyA

Price Info 1. Contact vendor for pricing details    

Features It is the only program that offers organizations a quick, easy and cost-effective way to develop solutions based on their maturity with Cloud development.  SprintPack leverages Bluewolf's proven agile consulting model and offers solutions.
SaaSGrid Apprenda Inc. http://apprenda.com/

Price Info 1. Basic $49.99/month
2. Professional 69.99/month

Features It is a distributed SaaS Application Server that eliminates the difficulties of building and delivering Software as a Service (SaaS). Greatly reduces the barrier to entry for SaaS by smashing significant technical hurdles like multi-tenancy and grid scalability, while at the same time providing "out of the box" application services like metering and monetization, billing and subscriber management.
11 Google App Engine Google http://code.google.com/appengine/

Price Info 1. Every Google App Engine application will have enough CPU, bandwidth, and storage to serve around 5 million monthly pageviews for free. You can purchase additional resources at competitive prices when you need them and you'll pay only for what you use.          https://www.google.com/accounts/ServiceLogin

Features Offers users the ability to build and host web applications on Google's infrastructure. Additionally,  website templates can include Javascript along with your HTML. Among other things, this allows you to write webservices that make use of Ajax web development techniques. Google App Engine allows most python web frameworks to be uploaded with your application. These web frameworks should need little or no modification to work with our system. For your convenience, Django v0.96.1 is included with the Google App Engine SDK.
12 OpSource Cloud OpSource Inc. http://www.opsourcecloud.net/products/

Price Info 1. Pay as you go on an hourly basis, only for what you use
2. Choose a monthly pre-paid plan, for discounted Cloud computing power

Features OpSource Cloud, the first Cloud to bring together the flexibility, availability and community of the public Cloud with the security, performance and controls the enterprise demands. Emphasizing security, OpSource Cloud provides every user with a Virtual Private Cloud within the public Cloud, allowing them to determine their own degree of public Internet connectivity.
13 Emulex Cloud Storage Solution Emulex Corporation http://www.emulex.com/solutions/cloud-storage.html

Price Info Contact vendor for quote

Features Emulex is collaborating with IBM to deliver a host-based encryption system to secure data in cloud-based storage, virtualized environments and converged networks. The system is based on the Emulex Secure Host Bus Adapter (HBA) that sits in every physical server in a datacenter and IBM's Tivoli Key Lifecycle Manager.
14 Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Amazon Web Services LLC or its affiliates http://aws.amazon.com/ec2/

Price Info Pay only for what you use. There is no minimum fee. The prices listed are based on the Region in which your instance is running.

Features Amazon VPC is a secure and seamless bridge between a company’s existing IT infrastructure and the AWS cloud. Amazon VPC enables enterprises to connect their existing infrastructure to a set of isolated AWS compute resources via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection, and to extend their existing management capabilities such as security services, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems to include their AWS resources. See Amazon Virtual Private Cloud for more details.
15 McAfee Total Protection Service McAfee, Inc. http://www.mcafee.com/us/enterprise/products/hosted_security/total_protection_service.html

Price Info FREE 30 day evaluation of always-on, always up-to-date protection

Features Reduce your security licensing costs and on-premise capital investments by leveraging McAfee expertise and infrastructure. Switch to McAfee Total Protection Service—our automated security (SaaS) solution. Get automatic protection against known and unknown threats, and manage your security from a centralized, web-based console.
16 SinglePoint Symplified, Inc http://www.symplified.com/main/singlepoint/SaaS-security.html

Price Info Free trial

Features SinglePoint is a portfolio of access management, authentication, SSO, federation, auditing, compliance and administration capabilities that integrate behind the firewall security infrastructure with the cloud. SinglePoint provides a security integration hub for enterprises and cloud service providers. SinglePoint virtualizes and integrates disparate elements of the enterprise security and identity infrastructure. This unified model breaks down silos, streamlines management, improves security and simplifies compliance.
17 HP Cloud Assure Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. https://h10078.www1.hp.com/cda/hpms/display/main/hpms_content.jsp?zn=bto&cp=1-11^40898_4000_100__

Price Info Contact vendor for quote

Features HP Cloud Assure enables your IT organization to take advantage of the speed, flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness of cloud services with confidence. Leveraging nine years of SaaS expertise and advanced service-level performance, this solution delivers the three attributes industry analysts identify as key requirements for reliable cloud computing – security, performance and availability.
18 IBM Computing on Demand IBM Corporation http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/deepcomputing/cod/

Price Info 1. Clients pay an annual fee to establish and maintain VPN connectivity and a "home node" management server footprint in an IBM CoD center of their choice.
2. Compute power is billed per-processor with discounts for larger capacity volumes and longer rental durations.
3. Storage capacity is priced per gigabyte by the week. 

Features IBM Computing on Demand (CoD) - the leading cloud computing enterprise solution - provides flexible computing power - by the hour, week or year, global access to CoD centers, and the security you can depend on. By off-loading transactions to CoD, you can scale your infrastructure without further capital investments helping to reduce costs and improve your competitive advantage.
19 Blackrock BlackRock, Inc. http://www1.blackrock.com/Default.aspx?cmty=brs&m=brs_2&m1=brs_2_2&lo=4

Price Info Contact vendor for quote

Features BlackRock Solutions' Risk Solutions satisfy the risk reporting and analytic requirements for organizations with large and complex portfolios. Blackrock’s analytic infrastructure includes proprietary state of the practice yield curve, term structure, cash flow and prepayment models. These models, coupled with an extensive technical infrastructure that includes a "compute farm" with several hundred machines, perform over 160 million option-adjusted calculations per week.
20 Imagine Imagine Software Inc. http://www.derivatives.com/

Price Info Contact vendor for quote

Features Imagine offers the power of a real-time, institutional-grade portfolio and risk management solution. Clients have the choice between full service on-line accessibility— with real-time pricing, security master, corporate actions, derived market data, and 24/7 connectivity via our Derivatives.com service.
21 iSophis Sophis http://www.isophis.com/web/htm/home.jsf

Price Info Contact vendor for quote

Features iSophis brings fund managers the optimal ASP solution. This exclusive approach allows multi-prime brokerage clients to benefit from leading edge analytics for P&L, risk and performance management in a secure, powerful and simple environment.
22 Algo Risk Services Algorithmics http://www.algoriskservice.com/

Price Info Contact vendor for quote

Features Algo Risk Service is a hosted, web-based risk management and portfolio construction service designed for buy-side organizations, trading desks, and corporate treasuries.  
23 Coates Analytics Coates Analytics LP. http://www.coatesgroup.com/dashboards

Price Info Contact vendor for quote

Features The Coates Analytics Intelligent Dashboard is the most comprehensive operations and governance tool available today. It is a secure, web-based system that quickly and easily helps fund executives turn massive amounts of data into fact-based decisions and actions that increase shareholder value. 
Open Link - OnDemand Open Link Financial, Inc. http://www.olf.com/asp/index.aspx

Price Info Contact vendor for quote

Features OnDemand is built on OpenLink’s full-featured enterprise trading and risk architecture, providing access to capabilities unmatched by other trading ASP solution providers. OnDemand can adapt as your needs evolve and requirements change, with a range of real software options. OnDemand offers comprehensive coverage for all instrument types — from vanilla assets to exotic derivatives and structured products — OnDemand truly is multi-asset class, all in one system!
25 SS&C Technologies Inc SS&C Technologies, Inc. http://www.ssctech.com/bankstreasurycredit/#globalbanks

Price Info Contact vendor for quote

Features SS&C's solutions for commercial banks, global and corporate treasury, credit unions, broker-dealers and global banks provide comprehensive services for treasury and derivatives, web-based tools for measuring, analyzing and managing balance sheets and investment portfolios, and research and lending tools.


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