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CIO Use Case

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Description :


  • Steve is a Chief Information Officer and a partner in a financial institution located in Texas, he is responsible for leading all IT projects. 
  • Steve is currently attending a conference in Las Vegas and will be available after 5pm.
  • Mike is a sales person and currently working on a multimillion Bond contract in Chicago.
  • Julia is a Creative visual designer, responsible for generating flow documents and charts based on live data from Bloomberg and update them as the market move.
  • Alex is an analyst works remotely from Wall Street and provides a day to day analysis based on Julia’s data that will support Mike’s sales process.
  • Steve wanted a live meeting that start daily at 9am (Central Time) when the market open, where Julia can upload her (latest and greatest) charts, Alex does the quick analysis and Mike act accordingly.
  • Steve wanted this analysis to be marked up and saved for a later review, and he also addressed a delay of Bloomberg data that may cause Julia to be late for up to 5 minutes.





Alex Lead - Rami

Steve Asynch - Abby

Mike On time - Jay

Julia Late - Nimmy


Use Case In Action:


1- Skrbl






 3- Twiddla




Features set comparison:


  Twiddla Skrbl Vyew
Free account
Integerated  Online Voice and Text Chat Text + (unclear Audio)  (Text + Voice)

Repository for uploading files and images

Asynch Editing    
Synch  Editing  
Late arrival support      
Maintain chat history
Control User Access



Result :

Whiteboarding tools acted far enough to handle this use case; Vyew was the easiest and fastest to handle fast collaboration.


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