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Chicago Board of Trade

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 Chicago Board of Trade


Company Name: Chicago Board of Trade

Company Location: Chicago City

Company Size : 501 - 1,000 employees

Name: Kenneth Carlos

Job: Market Reporter

Age: 26

Goals:  1. Used social networking to help all employees get connected in Chicago Board of Trade.


             The Chicago Board of Trade is located on West Jackson St. in Chicago. It is designed to make huge agriculture exchanges. Moreover, it is recognized as the world's largest agriculture exchange in the world. The Chicago Board of Trade has helped business to buy and sell farm commodities.  All commodities are taken to Chicago and distributed thoughout the world. While the world's business was developing, the Chicago Board of Trade always tried to develop its instruments and generate new products in order to help those businesses. The Chicago Board of Trade has many kinds of memberships such as Exporters, Bankers, Millers, Corporate Farm Groups, Insurance Companies, Brokers, and Merchants.

         As a market reporter, Carlos gets the opportunity to meet every Clark, Trader, and Trader Assistants. Carlos realizes that he has a hard time getting connected to all those people to inform them when the stocks are changing, making a group meetings or planning events. Carlos and his team members decided to offer a tool that can get all his co-workers socially connected tool for the purpose of facilitating their work. As I mentioned above the Social Connected tool is designed to help all workers get connected. One of the most significant challenges faced by Carlos and his team would be when a crop prices rises or when the stocks change.   They knew by using the Social Connected tool that all the workers could be informed right away.  It proved to be very beneficial to the team. Our team's goal is to support the use of social networking in the workplace and facilitate the work successfully.



  •        Personal profile: in this section, the personal profiles will be created by each worker in the Chicago Board of Trade. Carlos will use those personal profiles to make categories of worker such as Trader, Assistant trader, Exporter, Miller, Corporate Farm Group, Banker, Insurance Company, and Merchant. All workers need to upload their picture and put the work ID in their profile in order to identify who he or she is. This is an important requirement because the personal profile will tell Carlos everything, like what that worker did, what position he is working on. The user can use his or her profile to see what is going on. Carlos and his coworkers will post the upcoming events and when stock prices change, they will be posted in all workers profiles.
  •        Privacy Role:  Carlos and his co-workers will set up the privacy role. Therefore, only people who work for the Chicago Board of Trade are able to access the Social Connected tool. The unauthorized users are not going to be able to access to it. All workers will get their own username and password . This is an important requirement because this can protect all important information from the hackers. After all the workers get their usernames and passwords, they must set up their profiles and set their privacy controls.
  •        Personal Calendar: This will enable all workers to post their schedule online so Carlos and his co-workers can schedule meetings according to everyone's schedule.  This is an important requirement because the personal calendar will help Carlos and his workers to figure out the appropriate time to make the group meeting or events.
  •        Group Chatting Room: This room is a discussion room where all the employees are able to make a discussion about the stock price, crop price, and their thought about the products. This group discussion room  serves as a room where we can exchange ideas and do negotiations. The users need to put in their usernames and passwords in order to access the chat rooms.
  •        Universal: This is going to ensure that all workers can work everywhere in the world, no matter where they are, all will be able to access to the Social connected 24 hours everyday.  One of the key factors is to have Accessibility, For example, if you need to go aboard for some reasons, and you can't see what is going on with your stocks in real time, you can check when the stocks price is going up or down. All users can access to the social connected from wherever they are.
  •         Search function:  This is where all workers can search for upcoming events and which stocks price have changed. This is also an important requirement, users can save their time by using this search function. The users can type what they would like to know in the search blank, and the page they are searching for will appear quickly.


How this tool would work:

                  The Chicago Board of Trade is introducing a new tool called " Social Connected " . Obviously, this tool is designed to help all workers to get connected. Moreover, by using this tool, Carlos and his coworkers can use the Social Connected to inform all workers when the stocks price change or when they have a group meeting. Like when the stocks change, all workers will get the email alert that now the stocks price is changing. And all the details will be posted in their profile. This will help all workers to make decision whether they should sell or buy it, this is going to be real-time alert. And when Carlos and his coworkers have a group meeting,  they will create an events, and those event will be posted on all worker's profiles. And all workers need to mark attending, may be attending, or not attending. Then, Carlos can make a head count of the attending guests and prepare spaces for the meeting. By posting the recent pictures, and the attending guests will really make all workers would like to join the meeting and show all workers how glorious the event is. The example would be, if Robert is a worker in Chicago Board of Trade, he will use the Social Connected tool to connect with all workers in his company. The advantages of this tool would be, Robert will always get email alert when the stocks change which is great. When Chicago Board of Trade has a group meeting, Carlos will create an event invitation and post it in Robert's profile. Then, he knows exactly when and where the meeting take place. This is absolutely help all workers to get connected by using social networking. The constraint would be, Social Connected is online collaboration tool. All users will definitely lose facial expression such as, head nod, smiles. And another constraint would be connectivity, if the internet connectivity goes down, Carlos and his coworkers can not make a real time alert.















































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Dr. Ruth Ter Bush said

at 11:03 am on Oct 19, 2009

English usage! Please clean it up. Your goals are very diverse. You should narrow it down. Last time I checked Kenneth was generally a man's name (perhaps a name change or a picture change would help). Requirements need to be described in narrative (not bullet point) including reasons why each thing is important and how the user would use that element. What are the constraints?

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