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Twitter is a popular micro-blogging tool.  It has a very simple and easy to use feature set.  I didn’t really think of Twitter being applicable in a business setting until a speaker in my IS 511 class said that he uses it everyday in the office.  It is a quick and easy way of letting people know what you are doing.  Giving your boss a status update on the project you are working on, or directing a message to a co-worker to get a question answered.  Twitter also can be used on your phone so you don’t need to be next to a computer to stay connected.




The features include a brief profile of the user, and the ability to post a status update or direct a message at a specific user.  You can also “follow” users if you want to make it easier to check on their status often.  I’m not sure if this pertains to what we are focusing on, but local governments and mass transits are using Twitter to inform people of disasters, service outages, etc. 

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