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Big Stage - Social Networking

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Big StarCompany Name: Big Stage

Product Name: Digital Podcast 52 – Everyone can be a star

Name: Jonathan Streitzal

Job title: Co-Founder/Chief Creative Officer

Product Name: Digital Podcast 52

Company Location: California






1.)    Big Star allows users to create and integrate life-like 3-d Avatars of themselves into various movies, videogames, commercials and digital videos with just using three digital face photos.

2.)   To give users an engaging and innovative way to use media technology

3.)   To bring together a social environment that can be entertaining


Jonathan Strietzel brings 10 years of experience in the entertainment and technology industries.  He is also the founder of Stritz Studios which is a boutique of special effects sounds.  He also the invented multiple systems of delivering digital sound’s in advertising and currently holds a U.S. patent for his work.  He has also worked with numerous TV Studious and fortune 500 companies.




Login/Profile Page:  User is required to create a profile page and login name


Upload Photos:  Users are allowed to upload 3 photos of them selves


Editing/Photoshop: users then use enhanced Photoshop tools to create various avatars of them selve



How this tool would work?


Strietzal created the Digital Podcast 52 is a tool that he can give everyone the real feeling of a Hollywood Shoot.  In this tool it allows users to re-create music videos, famous movie clips or commercials as realistic as if you are really there.  This type of tool can help transform various media sectors such as advertising, music industries, or even college students looking to make mini movies or commercials.  This type of technology can help bring a more engaging audience to view the talent of others work.  It gives an opportunity for everyone to see the creativity of new and refreshing talent.  This product brings a more linear content, such as viewing, sharing and commenting on others videos.  These three elements can help create a successful social networking site. The whole idea of Digital Podcast 52 is to create an entertaining and innovative environment so friends and families can share videos and post them online to share with others. 



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