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3rd Deliverable, Due date

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Use Case 1: Task Management Environment in a Software Development Firm


Company: Business Oriented Developers Inc.


Stakeholders: Michael Scott, CEO 

                Age: 46

                Ethnicity: Caucasian

                Location:  Scranton, PA



Background: A software development firm recently established that employs a team of software developers ranging from junior to senior architect level. Business Oriented Developers is planning a major software development project to design their flagship ERP system to be marketed to small and medium size businesses around the world.


Scenario: The firm is working on the design of an upcoming project. This project will be developing an ERP system that will be marketed to many small to medium size business owners around the world. This will be the biggest project that the firm will undertake. Company resources need to be focused on this project and used very efficiently to meet deadlines and ensure quality of ongoing software development. It is very important that work is delegated and monitored by different employees at different seniority levels within the company.


Requirements: To delegate software development, the firm will need a task management environment. Tracking complex issues through to resolution and allowing real-time collaboration between programmers and product/project managers should be one of the core strengths of the task management environment. Software testers and project managers will need to enter and track the progress of requirements, issues, and enhancement requests. Programmers should be able to focus on writing good code, and should be notified about tasks to keep them on target and focused on the priorities of project managers.

Once issues are reported as being resolved, managers and testers are instantly notified allowing them to verify the quality and relevancy of solutions and shorten the cycle for re-testing and release. When testers enter new issues and assign them to the responsible developers, those programmers are instantly notified of a newly discovered issue allowing them to ask questions right away and make notes while the reported bug is fresh in a testers mind. Later when the programmer is able to address the issue, he or she can update the task as work progresses, increasing communications and reducing the need for time consuming manual status reports.

There should be a very usable interface that lets project managers, development managers, developers and junior developers to track their own work as well as their overall team performance depending on the user’s credentials. Providing this level of real-time accountability and process visibility to employees, especially as part of custom development projects, can help keep employees motivated and on track. There needs to be a web user interface for company clients. Once a customer purchases the ERP package, they can report about bugs and feature requests via this web site. These entries need to be prioritized and delegated at correct levels within the company. The web site will also report back to the customer once this issue is resolved or a solution is posted. Business Oriented Developers want to make sure that their customers are always reassured that, their requests are always taken care of.

Managers need to keep track of assigned tasks and work items to their developers to run reports on costs and time allocations to different projects. They also need to prepare estimates on upcoming projects by collecting estimated time frames from their developers depending on the tasks assigned to them. Business Oriented Developers also requires that tasks assigned to employees are kept in a relational database so that this data can be used and modified by their own custom programs. The firm uses Microsoft Office as a productivity suite and prefers that this task management environment has some integration with Microsoft Office. Business Oriented Developers aims to achieve control and efficiency by streamlining the process of project management by task delegation.


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