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14 - Use Case 2

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John Noble is the CIO (Chief Information Officer) of a Mid-size software company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The company has offices in Skokie (IL), Columbus (IN) and Cincinnati (OH). John is responsible for the information technology and computer systems used in the company. The headquarters in Chicago is connected to the rest of the offices through data cables that cost the company a lot of money to use and maintain. Currently, the offices communicate with each other through the above setup and experience difficulties frequently. The company’s internal systems are old and are becoming increasingly hard to maintain. The employees communicate with each other on software projects through the company’s intranet portal.


John is thinking of replacing the old systems with new ones and is also looking out for an option that will enhance the collaboration between developers and others who need to collaborate even on a temporary basis. John needs to cut down on costs as well because of the economic depression that is affecting the entire world. Being the CIO, he has to come up with the best possible solution for the company’s IT needs. The company intranet lacked features in the sense to collaborate effectively and also the maintenance of the systems was hard on the technical staff as well. John is looking for a solution that is inexpensive, easy-to-use, provides adequate security and encryption to important data in general.


The change in the company’s internal systems is part due to the lack of collaborative features that enable developers from all the four offices to work together on a given project. John wants to rent the solution rather than have to buy and maintain it. In addition to the primary resources and facilities required for a software company, John needs access control (groups, roles, permissions..Etc) for the people working on a project (who has rights to do what and authorization rights based on their designation as well). The company needs a collaboration interface (a web-based one) in particular that can facilitate the teamwork of a project. As the solution provider provides the infrastructure and other services, it is imperative that the provider offers data security and backup in case of any emergency. The data should also be in a form of encryption, so theft and manipulation does not occur. And also the access and ownership rights are to be discussed when signing the contract with the solution provider.


Another critical element John needs is a 24/7 support for his software personnel. They should be able to give training on the software tools provided as well. The support must be available via phone and online. Training is needed for the company’s staff and the training materials should be made available to the company’s staff through the collaboration interface also. The option of changing the access control rights should also be made available online to privileged users and in some cases available through phone.        


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