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14 - Use Case 1

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Name: Mike Nawrocki

Company Name: iPumps Corp.

Job Function: eBusiness Manager

Value Center: North America

Sales Channel: 32 Representatives in the United States

Goal: Provide single environment for the main application so the support can be minimized and collaboration work more efficient.


Mike Nawrocki works as eBusiness Manager for iPumps Corporation which is a leader in pump sales in the USA. The main sales channel consists of 32 Representatives, many of which consist of at least 2 offices in different locations across USA. Reps use Quotation and Selection (QS) software developed internally by eBusiness team. It is a Windows based desktop application with centralized Access 2003 database. Every sales representative needs to have this application installed on their machine and they use a networked database, meaning that the database is installed on a server and they all connect to one database. They collaborate on multiple projects and quotes. In addition to iPumps products they are able to add parts and products that are not sold by iPumps Corp which can be included on the quotes for their end clients. It is a 10 year old application and requires a lot of support on the eBusiness side as well as on the Reps side. In addition to support issues there are compatibility problems running under Windows Vista and recently eBusiness team found major issues when this application was installed on Windows 7 Beta version.


Because of problems installing the application on systems other than Windows XP and in order to minimize the support on both iPumps and Reps side together with eBusiness team members, Mike made a decision to investigate the use of Cloud Services for the QS system so it can be installed just ones and in one location for everyone without the need to support the installation on every single machine. Moreover, new environment should make the collaboration work more efficient for Reps and internal iPumps sales force.


Using a Cloud Service eBusiness team will be able to provide exactly the same environment for the all Representatives and internal iPumps employees. Currently most of the support time is spent on issues that involve different setups and different operating systems. It is important that no major code changes to the application will take place. eBusiness team will consider this project to be successful only if minor changes will have to be done to the source code of the application. It is necessary that there is an Access Control so the Reps will have an access to their own database without any chance of accessing the data from other Reps databases. Since the Rep Offices are growing and the Reps are using the application on a daily basis as their primary tool, unlimited number of user must be able to use the system at the same time. This is also very important from the corporate strategic point of view. If the project will be successful, there is a plan to allow the European and Asian offices to use the same platform for their needs. eBusiness Team needs to have access to the vendor’s support team 24/7 including communications through email, online chat, and phone. All the critical issues must be resolved within one hour to minimize the unnecessary costs when application will be unavailable for the users. Vendor needs to provide training classes for eBusiness Team and needs to have “Train the Trainer” program so the eBusiness Team can train the Rep Administrators on how to use the new system and then Rep Admins will train their employees. Vendor also needs to provide training materials that can be distributed to the users via email and posted on the Intranet Portal for iPumps employees and on the Rep website for all the Representatives.


The new environment will bring a lot of cost savings not only for iPumps Corp. but most cost savings will be on the Reps side. The main objective of this project is to make the collaboration work on configurations and quotes much more efficient for the Representative. This new platform will also allow them to focus on their end clients and provide them with better, faster and more reliable service in selling iPumps products. In addition, this will be a first phase of converting all 24 internal configuration and quotation applications that exist within different value centers across iPumps Corp. into one singe system used throughout the iPumps Corporation.


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