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1000Words Meeting 1

Page history last edited by PBworks 11 years, 8 months ago


Meeting 1 Oct  9 ,2008 at 8 P.M (CST)



     i) Introductions , Best times for team meeting , frequency of meetings etc

     ii) Discuss first deliverable

     iii) Team member expectations


 Meeting Tool : Skype (chat only)


 Attendees : Nimmy (scribe), Rami


 Meeting Minutes:

    * Discussed need for a weekly meeting.

    * Oct 13 deliverable looks good . All items except team roles have been covered (Thanks Jay for the wiki start!)

    * Oct 20 deliverable : Each team member will research list of collaborative modeling tools and gather sufficient info as per FAQ guidelines. It might be more effective if each member lists their findings on the wiki so as to avoid redundancy .

    * Ground rule - Try to get deliverable ready 1-2 days  before due date so as to get sufficient time for team review and discussion



 Action Items :

 1) Decide on team roles

      Suggested roles are Librarian, Web Builder, Project Lead , Reporter, Repository Architecture Designer

 2) Set up weekly meeting time



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