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Collaborative Graphical Modeling Team Project.



Group members

 Name  Roles Contact
Nimmy Kurian Team Lead, Modeling Collaborator nimmykurian@yahoo.com
Skype: nkurian1
Abby Johns Whiteboard Lead, Main Researcher Skype: abbyworld
Jay Leffue PBWiki Moderator, Whiteboard collablorator Skype: jleffue
Rami Rahim Modeling Lead, Wikipedia Creator Skype: ramrah01

Team Collaboration Tools


AgreeADate   - used for scheduling meetings.

Skype            - used for communication, voice and text chat. 

PBWiki           - project repository

Email             - asynchronous/offline communication




Recurring weekly meeting time set up for Thu, 7 PM (CST)


Collaborative Graphical Modeling Tools


List was gathered from the initial team assignment, the Web Facilitation and Collaboration Tools Spreadsheet, and a Google search.


Markup and Whiteboarding Tools

Software tools that link users together in an online visual workspace where they can draw, markup, save and upload designs on a blank canvas.




Modeling Tools

Software tools that focuses on developing 2D and 3D models, flow document and charts.



* Not specified in initial list handed out .


Shortlisted tools

The final selection was based on collaboration capabilities(text/voice chat), ease of use and feature set.



Use Cases


  1. Magazine Editor Use Case
  2. Technology Lead Use Case
  3. Graphic Designer Use Case
  4. CIO Use Case


Wikipedia Page


Graphical Tools




Presentation Outline 





What did we do well?

  • The weekly meetings were helpful in moving our project along. The tools that we chose to facilitate the meetings were also very effective.We would highly recommend Skype and AgreeADate for virtual team collaboration .
  • Each use case was role-played  providing an effective way to test collaborative features of selected tools  in real time.


What could we have done better?

  • We could have investigated whether the tools were even usable as a collaborative effort before doing the use case walkthroughs (Thinkature, DrawAnywhere). Some of the modelling tools have a lot of potential like DrawAnywhere and ProjectDraw and could be really useful once the initial kinks are worked out
  • We also could have begun the Wikipedia entry earlier, which may have reduced the likelihood of it being deleted by the authorities (we could have had a lengthier dialogue with the Wikipedia editors).


Collaborative  graphical tools - our take!

  • Most of these tools are in beta phases or still under development.  We are not convinced that these tools can handle high loads. These tools certainly need more development and testing before it can be conisdered for widespread multi-collaborator usage within an organization. The exisiting tools in their current state are promising and can provide value to an organization once it is finalized.






Use Case Brainstorming


1000Words Homepage Draft 10-16-08


1000 Words Homepage Draft 10-29-08 

Comments (3)

Abby Johns said

at 11:15 pm on Nov 11, 2008

I did a rough outline of the way our presentation in class might go. Feel free to edit. You can also email me or discuss it in one of our upcoming meetings

Anonymous said

at 10:52 pm on Oct 18, 2008

Created template "Imagination Cubed" which can be used for all tools

Anonymous said

at 10:36 pm on Oct 18, 2008

I have added on the product list based on the tools from Abby's delicious link and some others that I found.Need to verify these are all indeed collaborative and fit the respective category(modeling,markup,whiteboard) .
Please add /remove any tools as relevant.

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